WHAT - CEDE Program for High Schools

Escape apathy with action in

The CEDE Suite

The CEDE suite of programs is for teens from middle school to high school who desire an education that encourages them to take action and start implementing in their lives what they have learned.  The CEDE suite includes a college level entrepreneurship course, 1-day workshops that bring a CEDE facilitator directly to a school or parish, and virtual challenges (both academic year and summer) that offer participation to students across the country!

CEDE Foundational Principles

CEDE seeks to transform the education and formation of young people today. It empowers youth to know that their life has meaning and embrace the mission God has for them. This generation is under attack from all fronts. In a world heavily influenced by the media and motivated by materialism, where the culture erodes families and faith communities alike, students need more than information, they need hearts and minds that are capable of navigating to their “true north,” the fulfillment of their personal vocation.

To form this next generation of Catholic leaders, the CEDE suite is built around five foundational principles we hope to instill in our students.

Personal Encounter

Relationships are the most common means to reveal and transmit the truth.


Breaking free from the limitations of consumption and conformity.


Strive for modes of communication that are direct, loving, and true.


Moving from ideas to reality is the expression of eternity, divinity.


The antidote to a culture of calculation.