Workshops - CEDE Program for High Schools


Collaborating with your school, parish, or group, the CEDE team leads hands-on entrepreneurship workshops for your students.  Designed to introduce teens to entrepreneurship rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, participants learn that entrepreneurship is not primarily about founding a business but about identifying opportunities to create value for themselves and others.

Participants will experience themself as an entrepreneur in the marketplace, innovating technology, risk taking, and making decisions using economic thinking.

Leaving this workshop you 
will be able to better



in your life to serve others through the work you choose to do

CEDE workshops introduce teens to business concepts, the entrepreneurial mindset, and gives practical experience of how faith and work can and should be integrated in their life. After the CEDE workshop, teens will see themselves as principled entrepreneurs and virtuous leaders able to co-create with God.

Principled entrepreneurship requires a bias toward action.

Our workshops are structured around engaging, hands-on activities that help students to experience themselves as entrepreneurs.  Activities and simulations create the context for robust debrief discussions where the facilitator uses the Socratic method to help students reflect on their experiences and connect what they learn about business, entrepreneurship, and economic principles to the examples of the activities.

CEDE Workshops can take place at the location of your choosing.  Workshops are led by the CEDE team and can take place either on the campus of The Catholic University of America or be brought to your location.

Do you work with teens, and are you looking for meaningful and engaging opportunities for them? Do you want to help your teens learn how work and business can and should be inspired by our Catholic faith? Perhaps you are a school considering starting the CEDE course but want to see CEDE in action.  Then CEDE workshops are perfect for you.

If you are not sure if a CEDE workshop is right for your group, please fill out the inquiry form to learn more.  We are happy to talk with you and help you determine if this is the right opportunity for your school, parish or group.

CEDE offers workshops tailored to your needs.  We offer full day workshops, half day workshops, and 90 minute workshops. Fill out the inquiry form to start a conversation and learn more about the workshop that will work best for your community.

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