SCHOOLS - CEDE Program for High Schools

CEDE Across the Country

Participants of CEDE can be found in 22 states across America! 

The below map captures any state where CEDE is: (1) taught in schools, (2) hosting workshops, or (3) engaging with a student through a CEDE Challenge, like the Startup Venture Challenge.

Help us color in your state—reach out to Associate Director Maureen McNeill to learn more about how you can bring CEDE to your community!

Marin HS Opens Principled Entrepreneurship Institute with CEDE.

“In the Fall of 2020 we will open our Principled Entrepreneurship Institute at Marin Catholic and could not have done it without the CEDE curriculum. This will be the foundation of the course where our students will discern their vocation and purpose in life as entrepreneurs in service of our world.”

Tim Navone – President

Ursuline Academy Teacher Testimony

This was my first year teaching CEDE, and it was quite a ride!  The students’ projects at the end of the year showed that they really benefited from being able to discover their personal motivations and explore ways they can add value to their communities. They especially enjoyed learning that they can grow from failure and that the path forward doesn’t have to be straight or typical.
One unexpected accomplishment was piloting an in-school coffee shop. The students learned quite a bit about the challenges and satisfaction of starting a business.
I can’t wait to see what next year brings!”

Yvonne – Teacher at Ursuline Academy

Ursuline Academy Student Testimony

“CEDE was easily one of the most impactful courses I took throughout high school because it provided me with skills not only in my career but in everyday life. Learning how to be a Catholic entrepreneur helped me even as a psychology major because it exposed to the true meaning of entrepreneurship which transgresses beyond just business.  CEDE gave me the necessary skills to develop the world we live in, serve our community, and strive to live a truly fulfilling life.”

Reese – Student at Ursuline Academy